Author: Martha Mghendi-Fisher

How To Build Successful Teams

There are many articles, podcasts, interviews, videos and talks from different leaders and managers on what it is that one needs to build a successful team. Great teams take more than just attracting, hiring and retain the best talent with the right mix of professional skills. Taking into account things like: goal-oriented mindset, commitment to […]

Fintech, The Sun & Naked Yoga

Isn’t life full of surprises! On 18 & 19 June 2019, I had the pleasure of attending Copenhagen Fintech. First time in the Danish capital. What I noticed the most is just how clean the city is. I guess that’s why the Danes don’t complain about the high cost of living! Thomas Krogh Jensen and his whole […]


I am originally from Kenya and migrated permanently to the Netherlands in 2008. I was born and raised in a typical African village communal family; where the kids belonged to the community, and everyone was the other person’s keeper and family. People took care of one another. We shared the little we had. If one […]

I Will Wear My Heart Upon My Achievements!

The Human being called a Woman is a real masterpiece. God must have come back from a long vacation from somewhere warm and beautiful, with white sandy beaches and peaceful sunsets when he created a woman, his best masterpiece. The world has, for a long time undervalued and underappreciated just what makes these creatures called […]